Τρίτη, Δεκεμβρίου 15, 2009

Kill Bill, Kill Chernobyl


Quo vadis Status, quo?

That is the question that anyone from the age of 16 and forth, has got to answer. Why is it that our planet has reached the ‘12 o’clock’ since there have been 5 more minutes left? Is it the politicians, the upper class, the people or each one individually? The truth is that there has been some “progress” on the planet ever since World War II. That was the highest peak of the Industrial Civilization. Marxism is also a product of the last 200 years’ development. This means, Marxism is also in crisis.

Many slogans have been heard from time to time, like: “Capitalism equals Crisis”; and they’re being heard especially now, due to the Copenhagen Climate Conference that is taking place these days. But if someone gets to read all those things that took place during the last 90 years of Real Socialism, and finally its ending at the very sad situation of Chernobyl, has to agree and emphasize: Capitalism, indeed equals Crisis.

So, what has been left? What is the answer in these dark circumstances that we all live in? In my opinion, there are two things that could be done: The massive immigration into the spatial environment -the faster the better- or, a third world war, but this time, in a nuclear form. In both of these cases, our planet could take a breath from overpopulation, which it still continues to inspire overproduction, amplifying the “vicious circle”. I prefer the first part, although I don’t really care about the historical- social man, no matter how much can conquer the Universe. Without spirituality, the “game” will be lost once and for all.

When Mankind “hammered” the dogma: “I conquer the Nature”, had already failed. Can it possibly re-establish the lost ‘umbilical cord’ between its self and Nature? I doubt it.

USA is in the top of process of the human activity. It includes all the good and the bad things (for example: Hiroshima’s Atomic Bombing, the Ozone Hole, etc).You can’t blame the Talibans about the Ozone Hole. But, when they throw vitriol over girls that are going to school, that is punishable.

In my country, Greece, besides its humiliating financial state, -while it has one of the wealthiest citizens of the world-, extreme actions took place at the day of Alexandros Grigoropoulos’ assassination. I will only say in short, that Athens, the Mother of Democracy, holds half of the country’s population, that of 5500000 people. That is an extreme phenomenon internationally (and, the black sheep of the International Money Market).Young people are not responsible for the almost bankruptcy of, besides all, beautiful and historical Greece. Young people’s instinct cannot stand under table’s diplomacy and agreements. It has attacked to damage the facade of capitalistic extravaganza. More things have been added, and we have almost got into

a war. Youth’s instinct is healthy. I’ve been young too and took part in many demonstrations, in fact, outside Greece, on May of ’68 in Paris. Still, that is not enough. It only destroys the ”old”village, without replacing it with a “new” one.

Rebel has to become Revolutionary. To get through many things of experience and knowledge, and to suggest such a proposal of excess, that, in the given contexts of society, to overthrow and revine all the useless and the traditional things.

I say that, full of conscience.

I also say, that a country fails financially after it has already fallen spiritually.

Nobody can answer sufficiently the question of what a country, banks, supermarkets, Eurovision participation, technology shops are. Still though, they’re buying arms to defend something that they have already lost.

The Globalization and the Moneyland swallow small nations, as the sea will be shortly swallowing islands, shores, even the Bangladesh.

I have joined many international movements: Marxism, Trotskyism, the spiritual movement of OSHO, i renewed the Greek Song, as they tell me, the Greek song which is the critical expression of the average Greek, and unique element of our Modern Greek identity. I live pretty enough in Middle East, Israel-Palestine, and i have created an access reclaiming the love that Israelis have for Greek music; fertilizing historical documents, trying a new visionary for both of the nations, suggesting a common historical denominator, therefore I have even “distilled” an opinion for our own relationships with Turkey and Skopje. As for the Balkans, I have been suggesting for the last 25 years the establishment of a Balkanic Parliament. But Greece has turned its back to Balkans in order to get bounties from Europe, and thus, this charismatic however cursed place, has been left ‘at the mercy of its own destiny`.

All these facts, created a dim scenery, as of the present, as much of the future.

I, personally, reflect that double crisis, the international and national one, which is leaving me in agony but at the same time it makes me hyperactive intellectually.

Thoughts can be fruitful seeds, if the ground has been already cultivated, but I realize, that man didn’t prevision that. He threw all of its self in a hedonistic kind of life,(and not wrongly in a sort of way), but now, the ”boomerang” is heading straight against his face.

Can possibly Zorro, Batman, Brahman, Robin Hood, Tarzan, Sampson, or Achilles, save Mankind? Although I doubt it, I’m still persisting keeping my thoughts together-once I give them “birth”- and send them to all directions. Perhaps, under the “shipwrecked’s

Message in a bottle” kind of sense, perhaps in a way of awaking the Devine and the Miracle, the Ultimate Consciousness, maybe then, could Existence see us with a kind of sympathy and reconsider its condemnatory decisions. "God helps those who help themselves” our Greek Ancestors used to say. As for that, and many much more, let anyone do whatever he can, - if he wants to.

Finally, I like to end up with this verse:” I have in mind

The whole of Mankind

I am the one, the everyone

Who has in mind

The whole of Mankind.”

I will get back with the newest, and more analytical.

Manolis Rasoulis

Emmanuel “Deva Parinito” Rassoulis is a greek book and song writer that comes from Crete.


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